Over 130 Years of Excellence

M Price is a company which is over 130 years old which in itself is a fine achievement. Back when M Price was born in 1881, Queen Victoria reigned over the British Empire and the inventor of penicillin, Alexander Fleming was born. These historical events server to remind us how long ago M Price was formed and how much has changed in the world since then. Such a timeline also helps us to appreciate what an achievement it has been to have sustained and grown a business like M Price over so many years and through some very turbulent economic climates.

Colin Chapman, who heads up M Price, has certainly come a long way since he and his father Len before him, took over the helm at M Price.

Colins’ sister Beverley is also a key member of the M Price board in the role of Operations Director. Beverley Chapman has been involved in and worked at M Price for many years and has an enormous wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of the management of façade projects.

When Colins' father, Len, became Managing Director of M Price in 1958, the aluminium window facade market was in its infancy here in the UK. Len Chapman, over many years, very shrewdly planned the development of M Price to form a very successful foundation for his family. Later, when Colin took over as Managing Director, he had already been working for the family firm for some time and quickly built on the success of his father before him. Again, M Price found the window and facade market was in a state of growth and development. Colin, then very astutely, took and steered M Price into exciting and rewarding areas of the facade and construction market leading to further success and positive results for the business.

Colin has led M Price very successfully through many transitional changes and expansions over the years and this is a fundamental reason why M price continues to be the thriving, strong and successful business it is today.

To find out for yourself the full story of M Price, please download a copy of 'Over a Century of Excellence' which has produced to celebrate the 130 year trading anniversary of the company. The publication talks about the development of the business and how it has evolved over the years along with showcasing some amazing projects with full case studies.