Loam Pit Vale

The aim of M Price Maintenance is to offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services to ensure the longevity of both our own and other window/door installations. With our specialist knowledge dating back over 100 years, you can be sure of our long term reliability.

We carry out a comprehensive stock of spare parts and our long standing relationships with Europe's major suppliers of window/door systems mean that we have the resources to deliver.

The specialist knowledge and experience gained over this period of time allows M Price engineers to work effectively with all major profile materials, systems and hardware in any given situation. Our engineers are fully qualified and in our industry are more than capable of working within any stage of the manufacturing and installation process. We are dedicated to supplying a first class maintenance service and we do not employ subcontractors, our engineers travel in our own fully equipped vans.

We offer two types of maintenance and repair service:

PPM - Preventive Planned Maintenance

This service is an ideal means of bringing windows/doors up to an agreed, acceptable standard or for carrying out work of a more specialist nature. This service is supplied under contract and applies to an entire building, a number of buildings or individual apartments. We can tailor the contract to customer requirements but as a minimum, we ensure that every window/door is checked and serviced twice a year.

Planned maintenance programmes allow for a more efficient and economical planning in terms of both labour and materials. The schedule of rates will be calculated on multiples of items and will benefit from the economies of sales associated. This contract is based on a fixed charge which can be paid monthly and the scope of work is set out in a service level agreement for the utmost clarity.

There are various levels of maintenance support. At the highest level we effectively offer insurance against any failures of systems including both planned maintenance and any reactive maintenance including repairs all within an agreed, annual contract price.

RMR - Reactive Maintenance Repairs

Regardless of how well manufactured, installed and maintained your windows/doors are there will inevitably be an element of reactive maintenance. This could be caused by incorrect operation, tenant abuse or simply product failure.

Reactive Maintenance Repairs can be split into the following levels:

Level 1: Emergency response

These are repairs where either personal safety or security is at risk if the problem is not dealt with immediately.

Level 2: Urgent response

This is for repairs where further property damage may occur or use of a facility may be compromised if not dealt with promptly.

Level 3: Non-urgent response

Less urgent repairs may be collected and dealt with over one or more consecutive days.

For further information please contact Janice Taylforth or Andrew Down

Tel: 0871 542 0803
Fax: 0871 542 0802

Mob (24hr Call out Service): 07734 030 041


We also offer a quoting service for repairs, this is free of charge if we carry out the quote works, if not then a charge will be invoiced for our engineers time. This will all be agreed before the quote is carried out in advance so there is no hidden costs.